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Why should I hire a web designer?

There has probably been a time when you have thought, why should I hire a web designer? When I can just do it all myself! I know that a few of our clients have come to us with this exact thought! However, the reality of needing a professional web designer and web developer sinks in […]

Why Isn’t Anyone Coming or staying on My Website?

As a web design and development studio, we know the importance of your online presence. You might be wondering why are people not visiting your site? Or if they are visiting they seem to be leaving straight away (this is referred to as the bounce rate) What is the bounce rate? Well if you are […]

How Often Should I update My Website?

When it comes to updating your website, there are no rules. That might seem slightly redundant but the truth is you just need to be aware of what your industry is doing online and compete. There is no harm in taking a look at web design’s latest trends and seeing if that could apply to […]

What Is SEO & Why Is It So Important?

Major search engines like Google have what’s called primary search results, a list of sites returned after a query is fed into the search bar. The items on the list include web pages, local listings, and videos. The results are ranked according to what the search engine thinks is relevant to users. A number of […]

Basic Colour Theory

A logo plays an important role in creating a brand for a company. It visually represents the business and the colours used to provide important information about the company. It conveys the core identity of the business to the audience. That said, it is essential that the design of the logo is well-thought-of, from the […]