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  • Wahu Website Prices
  • Wahu Website Prices

What can I earn?

Alongside the three income streams, we offer some excellent financial benefits so you can quickly start reaping the rewards of starting a website and digital marketing franchise with – receive 100% of the setup fee for every website sold in the first 12 months. No management fee for the first 12 months, £100 after that. Uncapped earnings – we never limit how much you can earn.

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Time Management Administration


Technical Training

Marketing Agency Fees

Phone & Computer Configuration

Marketing Materials



Supporting you and your customers

Our skilled web designers, web developers, support officers, and finance administrators are on hand to make sure the customer journey is as smooth as possible – from designing every website to invoicing your clients and providing technical support, it’s all part of our commitment to delivering a hassle-free web design experience.

We pride ourselves on the excellent support we’re able to offer our clients and our franchisees. This is great for our clients and gives our franchisees time to get on with running their business.

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